We are aware that an introduction text written by the company itself is not read much and yet we felt we had to continue the tradition.

As we said, this has become a tradition. That is why we kept this section as short as possible. Shortly we can say; Burç Kaplama is a company that places importance on relations based on trust in terms of customers, works with rich variety of products in stock in terms of products, produces solutions instead of excuses in terms of services… Our ever increasing success rate since we stepped in the sector in 1988 is based onto those criteria.It is widely known that the most important aspect behind every success story in the business world is to like the job you do. Indeed when you love the job you do, you will simply work more to improve yourself further in that field and to become more successful. In Burç Kaplama, all our employees love the job they do. Our employees’ understanding of work clearly defines our increasing success rate to date.

Every job certainly has its difficulties within itself.

When you try to meet the requirements of a good deal of companies that are different from each other, you may certainly face some problems. Instead of giving excuses why the problems can not be resolved, we prefer to focus on the solutions to those problems. In other words, we produce solutions instead of excuses under difficulties. It is possible to exemplify more of the features unique to us. Yet we have a better suggestion. If one day you happen to pass by İkitelli Keresteciler sitesi, please stop by for a cup of tea. Get to know us while we are at work.